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Barolo “Capalot” docg

Grape-variety: Nebbiolo

Growing location: The vineyard is made up of a number of parcels of different ages which face east in a medium-high area of the village of La Morra, at an altitude varying between 350 and 400 metres. Small, but significant fossil finds have been recovered on the site, demonstrating the marine sedimentary origin of the soil, which is formed of clayey-calcareous marl with veins of sand. The old name of this hill-side, “Pria” was a local dialect term for “stone”, testifying to the layers of sandstone which contribute to increasing the sand content in the soil when they have been decomposed by atmospherical agents.

Harvest: beginning of October. The vegetative vigour that distinguishes this vineyard makes both the thinning of the bunches - carried out by hand from the end of July right through to the harvest - and their strict selection on picking all-important in allowing the wine to express the cru’s great potential, in particular its fruity properties, flavour and freshness. The yield varies on an annual basis, ranging between 5 and 6.5 tons per hectare.

Vinification: the maceration on the skins lasts around 20 days, in heat-conditioned steel tanks. Frequent, gentle breaking up of the cap during this time extracts all the polyphenol and aromatic substances, especially the fruity components.

Maturing: in 225-litre barrels for around 30 months, followed by 10 further months in the bottle.

Colour: bright, deep ruby red.

Nose: complex, showing intense ripe fruit, as well as underbrush, mineral, and floral - rose and violet - overtones.

Taste: silky, with menthol tones, black berries and interesting mineral sensations showing on the palate. Slight streak of liquorice on the finish.


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