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Barolo “Rocchettevino” docg

Grape-variety: Nebbiolo

Growing location: the Rocchettevino cru was planted in 1997, on the slopes of an east-facing hillside in the village of La Morra at an average altitude of 300 metres. "Ronchetovinum" was cited in the land registry as long ago as 1477 as one of the very finest wine growing sites in the village. The soil features clayey-calcareous marl, which contributes to bringing out this wine's aromatic finesse.

Harvest: the beginning of October. This cru, which is distinguished by particular vegetative vigour, produces grapes of the highest quality. These prized characteristics are further guaranteed by thinning of the bunches by hand between the end of July and the beginning of September, and by strict selection on crushing. The yield is always between 5 and 6.5 tons per hectare.

Vinification: the maceration on the skins lasts 30-35 days, taking place in heat-conditioned steel tanks to avoid the risk of the pomace overheating and causing unpleasant 'cooked' overtones. Frequent, gentle breaking up the cap guarantees remixing of the mass, stimulating the enzymatic and fermentation processes, and encouraging the development of the aromatic fraction, in particular fruity aromas. These operations also cater for achieving good extraction of the finer polyphenolic substances that give the wine sweetness and softness.

Maturing: in casks of French oak holding 700 litres for around 27 months, followed by a further 15 months in the bottle.

Colour: bright, deep garnet red.

Nose: elegant, complex. Balsamic and floral aromas. Stands out for the freshness of its bouquet and the ethereal overtones that increase with ageing.

Taste: the qualities showing on the nose are confirmed. Soft tannins, expansive sensations of sweetness, aromatic notes.

Recommended pairings: at its very best with roast and braised meats, game, and medium and mature cheeses.

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