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Barbera d'Alba doc "Superiore"

Grape-variety: Barbera. More thorough controlling of the yields and technical adjustments to the vinification and maturing processes have led to this wine achieving high standards of quality and wide acclaim.

Growing location: the historic San Biagio vineyard located in the commune of La Morra, where the soil is calcareous. The vines have an average age of more than 30 years, and are distinguished by great vegetative balance and the production of very small, highly-prized bunches.

Harvest: in October, delayed until the grapes are perfectly ripe, with reduction of the malic acid and salification of the tartaric acid. Thinning of the bunches by hand, and in particular the elimination of the twigs during véraison, helps to produce very low yields of 5 to 5.5 tons per hectare.

Vinification: the maceration on the skins in heat-conditioned tanks lasts around 15-20 days, with frequent, gentle breaking up the cap to ensure remixing of the mass, stimulating the enzymatic and fermentation processes and encouraging the development of the aromatic fraction, especially the fruity aromas.

Maturing: as soon as it is drawn off, the turbid wine is put into French oak barrels holding 225 litres. The malolactic fermentation is completed in the wood, where the wine then remains on its fine lees until March. During this time, the wine becomes more soft and its structure evolves. After racking it stays in the wood for a total of 18 months, followed by 6 further months in the bottle.

Colour: ruby red with scarlet highlights.

Nose: fresh and engaging, with appealing fruit - blackberry, cherry, plum - and jam when young. On ageing more evolved, subtle aromas such as cinnamon and vanilla take over.

Taste: big and full-bodied, with a tangy streak providing fragrance and freshness, tempered by a hint of sweetness resulting from its softness.

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