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Barolo docg

Grape-variety: Nebbiolo

Growing location: the historic San Biagio, Galina, Roncaglie and Serra dei Turchi vineyards located in La Morra, in sun-blessed positions at altitudes varying between 300 and 400 metres. The soil is mainly composed of calcareous marl and tufa, with the particular properties of each vineyard giving the wine extreme richness and complexity.

Harvest: October. The average age of the vineyards (over 30 years old) and their great vegetative equilibrium contribute, along with the thinning of the bunches performed by hand from early July, to the production of grapes of the highest quality.

Vinification: the traditional-style vinification takes place with lengthy maceration on the skins, during which delicate breaking up of the cap ensures effective extraction of the polyphenols. The alcoholic fermentation in heat-conditioned steel tanks lasts 30-35 days, catering for a very complex, slow, homogeneous fermentative-enzymatic process which allows for excellent development of this Barolo's rich aromatic framework.

Maturing: in Slavonian oak casks (60-80 hl) for 24 months, during which the wine acquires elegance, finely balancing its wealth of substances. This is followed by 1 year in the bottle, when the tannins soften, and the fruity, flowery and above-all spicy overtones evolve.

Colour: garnet red, tending to more mature shades on ageing.

Nose: intense and very complex. Spicy overtones, including star anise, are noticeable alongside expansive floral notes and hints of black-berried fruit. Older vintages also show liquorice, tobacco, leather, and tertiary aromas tending to ethereal.

Taste: stands out for its well-balanced complexity. An aftertaste of ample intensity and length features red fruit and jam, liquorice, dried figs and mushrooms, with a hint of tar on the finish.

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