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Verduno Pelaverga doc

Grape-variety: Pelaverga Piccolo di Verduno, an indigenous variety grown here since olden times. It produces a niche wine which is one of the Small DOC Wines of Italy.

Growing location: the sun-blessed Pria vineyard, lying at the top of a hill where the wider temperature ranges give the grapes a generous aromatic structure. The soil is composed of calcareous-clayey marl, mixed with sandy veins.

Harvest: thinning of the bunches during the summer caters for a relatively early harvest, towards the end of September. It is carried out by hand, with careful selection of the grapes in the vineyard and prior to crushing. The average yield is 7 tons/Ha, well below the maximum permitted by the production regulations (9 tons/Ha).

Vinification: a brief maceration, with gentle breaking up of the cap in heat-conditioned tanks. This is designed to dissolve the aromatic components, and at the same time selectively extract certain polyphenols, in particular the softer tannins and the anthocyanins, which are responsible for the wine’s colour and make a major contribution to the quality of this little-known, yet great wine.

Maturing: in small oak casks for 6-8 months, rounded off by ageing for 6 months in the bottle. During this period the tannins mellow, and the varietal fruity, floral and above-all spicy nuances merge and intensify.

Colour: ruby red of varying intensity, with cherry undertones.

Nose: bright, intense and fragrant, featuring spices - cinnamon and black pepper - accompanied by fruity hints of marasca cherry. Equally important in defining the bouquet are flowery aromas - roses and violets - and a slightly herbaceous note.

Taste: dry, fresh, characteristically smooth and well-balanced; the aromas on the nose are also identifiable on the palate, especially the spices.

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